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Prime Minister


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The picutre of Chung, Hong Won

Lee, Wan-koo

Date of Birth
June 02, 1950


1970 Yangchung High School, Seoul, Korea
1975 B.A., Public Administration, Sung Kyun Kwan University,
Seoul, Korea
1984 M.A., Criminal Justice, Michigan State University, Michigan, USA
1990 Advanced Program for National Policy, Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
1994 Ph.D., Public Administration, Dankook University, Seoul, Korea
2008 Honorary Doctorate in Law, Chungnam University,
Daejeon, Korea
2009 Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration,
Kongju University, Chungnam, Korea


1974 Passed the 15th National Civil Service Examination
1974 Deputy Director, Hongseong District Office, Chungnam Provincial government
1975-77 Deputy Director, Economic Planning Board
1981-82 Chief of Hongsung Police Station
1986-1989 Consul, Korean Consulate General in L.A.
1993 Chief of Chungbuk Police Agency
1993-94 Senior Superintendant General, Planning and Management Office, National Police Agency
1994-95 Chief of Chungnam Police Agency
1996-2000 MP, 15th National Assembly
2000-04 MP, 16th National Assembly
2004-06 Visiting Professor, Center for Korean Studies, UCLA
2006-09 35th Governor of Chungnam Province
2013- MP, 19th National Assembly
2014 Chairperson of the Emergency Committee of Saenuri Party
2014-15 Floor Leader of Saenuri Party
17 February 2015-present 43rd Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea


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